Security and quality constitute central and essential aspects in fish trade, at consumer level as well as at wholesaler level. Therefore, these are important issues for our company, they have priority and are always progressing.

Fish and fishing products are a very special case due to the great number of species, the different origins of the production and the wide range of presentations of products using a variety of production techniques. Our quality department is formed by highly qualified staff in order to fulfil any health requirement and to guarantee the optimal quality for the commercialization of our products. Our staff is always being trained on the national and international regulations of the fishing industry. We have a complete modern personalized computer system that, adequately identified and labelled, allows us to control our products traceability as well as to find out instantly their origin, species, freshness and any transformation or manipulation that they may have undergone since their reception to their sale.

The introduction of the HACCP system in Beltrán Adell analyses possible contamination hazards or products deterioration. It establishes preventive, control and monitoring measures to avoid damaging consumers. All this sets a commitment defined by our policy of reliability and by a constant effort to maintain the highest quality of our products, guaranteeing its nutritional security. · diseño web Valencia